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Welcome to Hart Farm

Tailored training bringing horse and rider together.

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Team Hart Farm

An outdoor equestrian training session on a sunny day, featuring two riders in formal riding attire and helmets, one holding a crop, facing a woman in casual wear and a sunhat. The instructor appears to be giving feedback or instruction. They stand in a sandy arena with jumps in the background, bordered by vibrant flower arrangements, indicating a professional and well-maintained riding environment.


Trainer Emma Callanan cantering Harts Helena at Hart Farms indoor arena

Sale Horses

Founded in 2001 by Top Hunter Rider and R rated judge, Dana Hart-Callanan. The Team at Hart Farm offers top of the line care and training to athletes looking for success in the Hunter, Jumper, and Equitation rings. As well as a beautiful full-boarding facility and lesson program. Specializing in preparing both horse and rider to succeed at any level.

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