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Emma Callanan riding a bay horse in the hunters at The Hampton Classic.


At Hart Farm, we strive to create a personalized plan for both horse and rider. Our team is there for our riders and horses through every level, and every step of their riding journey. Here at Hart Farm, we offer everything, from lesson programs to programs for athletes en route to National and international careers.

“Our training is designed to create a positive atmosphere for both horse and rider, so that they can excel at their best. My goal, as a trainer, is to set goals and dreams with my riders and then formulate a plan to make that their reality. Whether that is being able to get back into riding shape, or win a National Final, I am on my rider and horses team 24/7. I believe its very important to have a great relationship with your horse and your team. Thats why I truly try to create an atmosphere that the rider feels comfortable coming to me with anything. Riding is such an emotional and mental sport, its important for riders to have a support team in and out of the saddle. Horsemanship is also a huge part of my background as a trainer, and I believe any good rider should have the basics of horsemanship. So I am not just aiming to create fantastic riders, but horsewomen as well. My goal for everything horse and rider partnership is for them to smile coming out of the ring every time, and have long, successful careers.”

- Head Trainer and Rider, Emma Callanan

“Hart Farm was built on the love of the horse. That is what my training is built around. The love and understanding of the horse and rider partnership. I train so that my horses and riders stay happy and healthy for as long as possible. I do my best to pull out the best in our horses and riders at Hart Farm. I pride myself in taking care of all of our horses and people at Hart Farm, as if they were family; because to me, they are.” Owner and Head Trainer, Dana Hart-Callanan


We do have a new and improved lesson program to get anyone started or back in the tack! We have ponies and horses for all riders of all ages and ability! Please contact us for more info! 

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